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Terri on the Crown Princess 2018

Hey! I’m Terri.

Terri is a Travel Advisor / Franchise Owner with Cruise Planners.
I specialize in group travel with a focus on heritage travel and genealogy. I enjoys assisting others in planning their travels to visit their ancestral lands.

I have 20+ years of genealogy experience, which is why I focuses on genealogy group travel. I maintain the Genealogy Cruises website to give my clients one place to locate future genealogy cruises, in one place.

If you are interested in setting up group travel for genealogy or any other purpose, feel free to reach out to me via email.

My Travel Blog To Inspire And
Get You Motivated!​

Before each cruise you can find posts about the ship and locations we will be visiting. As well as packing tips that are specific to each cruise. If we are offering different lecturers on the cruise, you will also learn about each of them through our blog.

After the cruise, you will be able to find posts about how our cruise went right down to our thoughts on the cruise ship, our cabins and the staff. Plus we will always share our thoughts on each of the ports we visited and the food we enjoyed!

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