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Alaska: Big 5 of Wildlife

We started our series with An Alaskan Overview, where we discussed many different things about the state of Alaska. For those of our genealogists that love to photograph wildlife, the next few blog posts are for you.

Big 5: Wildlife

  • Brown Bears have a population of 32,000. They are located in all regions of Alaska and love to feed on salmon and berries.
  • The Moose population is roughly 175,000 – 200,000. They are also located in all regions of Alaska and feed on willow and birch.
  • The Wolf population ranges from 7,000 – 11,000. You can find them in all regions of Alaska. The Wolf feeds on Moose and Caribou.
  • Dall Sheep have a population of 70,000. They are found in mountains and eat lichen.
  • The Caribou population is 750,000. They are located in all regions, except inside passage, and they love willows.

Out of the top 5 wildlife found in Alaska, we have the chance to see 4 of them. The Caribou is the only thing not found within the inside passage, which is what we will be sailing on the Crown Princess.

*All information provided by Travel Alaska

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