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On September 5th we are scheduled to arrive in Juneau at 12pm. We will have a 10 hour stay in this port. Have you thought about what you will do there?

Because the 5th is Labor Day in the USA the archives will be closed. So unfortunately that means no research options.

humpback whale jumping over the sea
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However, it is a great time to get to know Juneau.

Juneau incorporated on June 29, 1900, the day after Skagway. In 1906 Juneau became the capitol of Alaska, which originally was Sitka. The Alaskan Hotel opened in Juneau in 1913 and is the oldest operating hotel in Alaska.

Here are some things that you might enjoy (please keep in mind that booking through these links will take you directly to my Cruise Planners website and I will earn a small commission).

Juneau Highlights and Mendenhall Glacier $63 per person
This tour will give you a taste of local history from a knowledgeable guide as well as a little folklore and humor. See the highlights of downtown Juneau, Whale park and fountain, Douglas Island and our famous Mendenhall glacier and visitor center. All entry fees and taxes are included.

Round-Trip Mendenhall Glacier Shuttle Service $47.25 per person
Get from Juneau to Mendenhall Glacier and back quickly and at your convenience. With shuttles departing from the port every 30 minutes during operating hours, spend as much time as you wish at the glacier before taking a shuttle back downtown. Bonus: During the 30-minute transfer each way, your driver shares history, tips on making the most of your glacier visit, and recommendations on where to eat and drink in Juneau upon your return.

If you want something a bit more adventurous, we can look at zip-lining or whale watching. Email Terri and she will help you find the perfect excursion for this port.

Here is a 26 page destination guide that focuses on Juneau. Feel free to download it to read at your convenience.

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