body of water during golden hour
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Ocho Rios

On March 15th we are scheduled to be in the port of Ocho Rios, Jamaica from 8 am – 4 pm. Have an early breakfast onboard and then its time to discover what Jamaica has to offer.

body of water during golden hour
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Ocho Rios was originally settled by a tribe of Arawak Indians called Taíno, who had settled in Jamaica around 1,000 BCE and called the land Xamayca, meaning land of wood and water. After Christopher Columbus landed in 1494 and claimed the island for Spain, Ocho Rios was named Las Chorreras, meaning rapid rivers.


Possible Research Locations:

Genealogy records are kept at the local level in Ocho Rios. From my brief research, I did not find a Family History Center or specific archives that could be visited. Take the time to tour Ocho Rios (there is a historical tour listed below for those who want to learn more about the area).

Get to know Ocho Rios:

Blue Hole and Dunn’s River Falls Tour $100.50 / person
Take this amazing shore excursion from the Ocho Rios resort or port of call. Discover two magnificent falls in one day. See for yourself what everyone is raving about and make the comparison. Blue Hole features a natural pool, waterfalls, a rope swing, and caves while Dunn’s River Falls offers 600 feet of climbing pleasure. Together this combo provides an exhilarating wet and wild experience.

Dolphin Encounter In Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios $109 / person
Enter a natural cove that gives you an amazing encounter with one of the gentle dolphins just offshore. A favorite of children and families, this incredible experience offers a chance to interact with one of the world’s most beautiful and intelligent creatures amid the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Get started by learning some interesting information about dolphins as an orientation prepares you for your encounter. When you enter the world of these gentle creatures, a dolphin greets you in the knee-deep water. Get a splash or two, a hug, and a kiss as you spend some time together in the sea.

While you’re here, Dolphin Cove’s 5 acres (2 ha) of tropical rainforest offers plenty of attractions to complete your day. See a shark show or stroll along a jungle trail and watch for exotic birds, snakes, and other animals. Whatever you choose, you can find the perfect way to relax.

You will close the day with the best natural and cultural activity in Ocho Rios, known for being the number 1 on the top things to do in Jamaica: The Dunn’s River Falls; full of beauty and history waterfalls right next to the Jamaican coast. Go all the way to the top of the 182m/600ft tall impressive waterfalls with the help of your tour guide and enjoy the amazing views it offers; dive into the waterfall’s water and enjoy the pulsating flow of cascading water. Take this chance and learn everything about the story of this amazing place: Dunns River Falls in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Jamaican Music History Tour of Kingston from Ocho Rios $205 / person
Kingston is the birth place of Reggae Music! On this exciting lyrical odyssey designed for music lovers, you will learn about the various forms of Jamaican music, visit locations important to the music, and get the opportunity to purchase classic reggae. The Bob Marley Museum is a must see stop on the tour for all fans of the King of Reggae, and this tour is an excellent choice if you are interested in music, music history, culture, food, and community. You will be safely guided by experts familiar with the musical scene and the ins and outs of Kingston. All you will need to do is relax and absorb the energy.

Seville Great House & Heritage Park $80 / person
The historic Seville Estate is home to the Seville Great House (Plantation House) and Heritage Park. The Park which overlooks the beautiful Caribbean Sea is an ideal spot for picnics and relaxation. A visit to Seville Heritage Park on Jamaica’s north coast will take you on a journey through centuries, to the very beginning of the island’s history and culture.

Here is a Ocho Rios Destination Guide to help you learn more about the area.

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