rocks in the flowing water in a stream
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On September 6th we are scheduled to be docked in Skagway from 7am to 8:30pm. That gives you 13.5 hours of fun off the ship.

For you history buffs, a visit to the Skagway Museum might be in order. They house gold rush artifacts, photographs and historical records. They are located at 7th Avenue & Spring StreetSkagway, AK 99840.

Skagway Museum – renowned for its fine Alaska Native heritage collection of baskets, beadwork, and carvings, and for its Gold Rush collection of artifacts and tools used by the gold seekers
rocks in the flowing water in a stream
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Skagway was originally inhabited by the Tlingit, and its name is from the Tlingit word skagua, meaning “place where the north wind blows.” Skagway was founded in the 1890s as the gateway to the Yukon and Klondike goldfields, and was incorporated as a city in 1900.

Get to know Skagway

Here are some things that you might enjoy (please keep in mind that booking through these links will take you directly to my Cruise Planners website and I will earn a small commission).

Liarsville Gold Rush Camp, Gold Panning and Salmon Bake Combo $72.45/person
While in port in Skagway, discover what Alaska’s exciting Gold Rush era was all about on this unique two-hour tour. In the historic village of Liarsville, you will dine on authentic Alaskan fare (including wild Alaskan salmon), visit authentic gold-mining exhibits and learn how to pan for gold – keep everything you find! Full of charm, Liarsville Camp gives you the chance to go back in time to an interesting period of Alaskan history.

White Pass Summit Rail and Bus Tour $265.45/person
This popular shore excursion allows you to combine the famous White Pass Railroad with a scenic bus excursion, both parts are on different routes with stops along the way making this a tour that will live long in the memory.

White Pass Summit and Yukon Suspension Bridge Tour $118.00/person
This tour provides a wonderful opportunity to view the stunning scenery of the White Pass and the surrounding area with a local, high quality guide. Your three hour tour from Skagway, Alaska to the White Pass Summit and the Yukon Suspension Bridge is sure to be a highlight of your trip.

Private Tin-Type Photography Experience in Skagway $80.00/person
Tin-type photography also know as wet-plate Collodion is a vanishing art. After this experience you will understand the process of authentic Tin-type photography and walk out same day with a photo of you or your group.

Skagway has so much to offer, the above is just the beginning. There is zip-lining, horseback riding, sled dog discovery and more. If we have not mentioned something you are interested in, email Terri and she will assist you in planning the perfect excursion for Skagway.

Here is a 12 page destination guide that focuses on Skagway. Feel free to download it to read at your convenience.

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