low angle photo of airplane flying over high rise buildings

When Should I Arrive for my Cruise

Let’s face it, travel has become a bit harder to do since Covid interrupted our lives.

low angle photo of airplane flying over high rise buildings
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Currently we are still seeing issues with flights be cancelled. Some last minute and people are left scrambling to figure out how to get to the port with a little amount of time.

I have always said do your best to arrive a day early, pre-covid. Now, I am definitely reinforcing that with my clients. I encourage you to fly in the morning before your cruise starts. This way, if there are any last minute cancellations there is still plenty of time to get re-booked on another flight.

Also, I would encourage travel insurance for this very reason. If something happens, you do not want to be out all the money you spent on a cruise because the airlines had issues.

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If you are driving less than 6 hours, you could probably get away with arriving the day of the cruise. Knowing you will probably have an early morning drive in front of you. Just make sure to calculate some extra time in your drive for unexpected incidents. It once took me over 8 hours to make a 4 hour trip due to a horrible accident on the Interstate.

If you are driving more that 6 hours, I would highly recommend you arrive the day before the cruise so you can actually get a bit of rest before you embark on the cruise. I’m sure you don’t want to spend your entire cruise recovering from your long drive.

We are roughly 4 months until the cruise and with each passing day, I get more excited about. I hope you are too. For those who have not booked yet. What are you waiting for? You know you want to join us for the Alaskan Family History Adventure.

We hope you will share all of our information with your genealogy friends (and invite your family to join us).

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